About Me- Lifestyle of an Equestrian

When I was a little girl, all I ever wanted to do was ride horses. To many people would say ‘it’s a phase, she’ll grow out of it’, I think my parents kind of wished that I would.

Truth was I never did. I became more aware of what I wanted when it came to riding. At 10 I switched from learning Western to English after feeling the thrill of guiding a horse over a jump. This coincided with also learning that the horn on a western saddles can be very painful when it hits you. After that I learned everything I could about show jumping, riding any horse I could, a failed experiment at owning a green horse, and leasing different horses, and at 15 my parents finally resigned that this wasn’t a phase we started looking for a horse for me.

He was in many ways a stubborn pain, but the best teacher a girl could ask for. After all I ever wanted to do was ride, riding him while challenging and frustrating but also so rewarding. Through this plucky little Thoroughbred I learned so many things not just about riding and horses, but about life. While he is no longer with me, I know that I will always remember what I was taught and how far I came in my path on becoming an equestrian.

This blog is dedicated to him to all the lessons he taught me. This is our story, how it began and how it ended. How to move on from a once in a lifetime horse, and most importantly how I will get back into the saddle. See these last few years haven’t gone as planned, I wanted to tell our story and I still do, but I realized he was a turning point in my story. I’ll forever be grateful for my time with him, as corny as it his his hoofbeats are engraved into my heart, but I’m learning that I am so much more then this chapter with an amazing horse. I’m an Equestrian; this blog is all about my life as one.


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